Research Area

Faculty Memembers

Main Line Reserach

Soil and environmental sustainability

Dr. Milko Jorquera

Applied Microbial Ecology.

Dra. M. de la Luz Mora

Physicochemistry of Soil and Environment.

Dra. Carolina Merino

Geomicrobiology and Redox Biology.

Dra. Jacqueline Acuña

Plant-Bacterial Interactions and Culturomics.

Dr. Cledir Santos

Natural Biofungicides and Fungal Chemotaxonomy.

Dr. Francisco Matus

Soil Conservation Carbon Sequestration and Biogeochemical Cycles.

Dr. Alex Seguel

Plant-Mycorrhizal Interaction.

Dr. Cesar Arriagada

Bioremediation of Contaminated Soils and Microorganisms that Promote Plant Growth and Health.

Dra. Carolina Shene

Applied Microbiology.





Nutrition and Plant Physiology, and Agri-Food Security

Dra. Paula Cartes

Soil-Plant Interaction and Mineral Nutrition.

Dra. Marjorie Reyes

Physiological, Biochemical and Molecular Mechanisms of Abiotic Stress in Plants.

Dr. Cristian Meriño

Micronutrients/Performance Interaction fruit trees.

Dra. Mónica Rubilar

Bioactive Compounds.

Dra. Mariela Bustamante

Encapsulation of Probiotics for use in Food Products.

Dra. María Antonieta Ruiz

Antioxidant Compounds and Healthy Eating.

Dra. Paola Duran

Phytopathology and Biocontrol.

Dr. Gonzalo Tortella

Soil Microbial Diversity, Functionality, Resistance to Abiotic Stress and Contaminant Toxicity.





Environmental Biotechnology, Ecological Chemistry, and Bioproducts

Dra. María Cristina Diez

Environmental Biotechnology and Waste Recovery.

Dr. Andrés Quiroz

Ecological Chemistry and Natural Products.

Dr. Leonardo Bardehle

Ethological Pest Control.

Dra. Ana Mutis y Dr. Herbert Venthur

Molecular Physiology of Olfaction in Arthropods.

Dr. Olga Rubilar

Applied nanobiotechnology.

Dra. Gabriela Briceño

Bioremediation and Biotechnology of Actinobacteria.

Dr. Patricio Iturriaga

Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology.

Dra. Francisca Acevedo

Development of Pharmaceutical Bioproducts.

Dr. Andrés Ramírez

Synthesis and Electrosynthesis of Nanomaterials with Energy and Environmental Applications.




Water Resources, Environmental Ecology and Valorization of Agroindustrial Waste

Dr. Mauricio Zambrano

Water Resources and Hydrological Modeling.

Dr. Adison Altamirano

Landscape Ecology and Ecosystem Services.

Dr. Jorge Farías

Aquaculture, Hydrobiology and Molecular Aquatic Ecology.

Dr. Gustavo Ciudad

Waste Processing and Applications Industrial.

Dra. Mara Cea

Chemical and Biological Synthesis of Value-Added Compounds from Agroindustry Biomass.

Dr. Rodrigo Navia

Production of Clean Energies from Residual Biomass

Dra. Viviana Letelier

Circular Economy and Agroindustry Waste Recovery

Dr. Marcelo Somos

Water Resources, Glaciers, Climate and Ecosystems